How to Hire An iPhone App Developer for Your Enterprise

Add at least one feature Apple’s messaging platform doesn’t already have. Knowledge of Objective-C and Macintosh is pre-requisite for certification. Statista has reported that apps are expected to generate more than the US $ 935 billion in 2023.

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. Ask the developer to give an insight into the iOS programming. This is one of the most important skills of an iOS developer. Some of the popular databases that are deployed in iOS development are Realm, SQLite, and Core Data.

Objective-C was the primary language used by Apple before the creation of Swift, but still makes up a significant portion of Apple’s codebase. Due to its versatility, Upwork rated Objective-C as the top-paying programming language for freelance developer . Games are by far the most downloaded category on the app store. You’re likely familiar with several simple classic games and can learn a lot from recreating them as an iOS app. There are both single and multiplayer games as well as tools and tutorials to help you create games in any language. If you’ve ever used an app on any Apple device, you have an iOS app developer to thank.

Nowadays, almost every mobile application needs to interact with the web in one way or another and this is what marks the importance of networking. This is generally carried out with JSON which stands for JavaScript Object Notion. That’s why even app development companies pay high attention to the networking aspect of the application. If you want to learn a specific language, such as Python, JavaScript, C++, Swift, or many others, Sololearn has you covered. It includes courses in 20 programming languages and is suitable for both beginners and experienced coders.

Apple is committed to helping aspiring and current programmers learn new skills. The good news is you can now get a professional who fits your needs without having to limit yourself to a local talent pool. Online marketplaces & outsourcing vendors for freelance services are now available for everyone to use. Your team will go above and outside the expected results of your efforts when you have a great idea and are passionate about what they do.

Statistics reveal that viewers spend a high amount of time on the App Store. By reading client reviews, you can check the high professional standards of a company. Developers of iOS apps have time to dive deeper into their products and become experts.

Iphone App Developer skills

Why not go one step further and turn your website into an app? These already exist, but I bet you can make an even better one! What if you added AI that could detect students’ faces when you hovered over them and then gave you information about each student? The Vonage video API is a great starting place for streaming video. Building an iPhone app to play the classic game Hangman is a great way to develop your skills.

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Choose some technology that the developer has mentioned in his resume. Ask the developer to explain it in detail to find out how well-versed he/she is with that technology. Perfect scalable teamwork goes behind meeting clients’ expectations and getting the desired outcome as the iOS developer’s key skills. We spend a lot of time researching and writing our articles and strive to provide accurate, up-to-date content. However, our research is meant to aid your own, and we are not acting as licensed professionals.

  • Several companies develop iOS applications to meet this need.
  • We offer more than just tech solution; from your Bplans to market research reports.
  • Before investing in an app development company, ask yourself these questions to determine if they’re popular and credible.
  • When your iOS app developer has the right idea about the table view, you will understand that it offers an altogether different look to an otherwise boring interface.
  • The average salary of an iOS developer is around $ according to data calculated in 2020, September.
  • Apple is strict with its criteria to provide the best user experience for its customers.
  • The skillset is entirely dependent on the level of the project.

There are different source code management systems that help the developers reduce and resolve all the conflicts that arise during the source integration. Source control is an integral element of application development. Last but not least, you can also add learning about core data to your skillset. This is because it can be quite disappointing for a user when minor issues like data loss, interface glitches, and other bugs are faced again and again. With core data, all of these issues can be easily eliminated.

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This question needs a little bit of research and finding out the ios developer required skills list. This list should be a compilation of different skills required to become an iOS developer and it is precise enough to give you an idea to get a job or build your iOS apps. Hiring process of iOS app developers as well as the iOS developer required key skills with core competency, robust knowledge, and expertise.

A developer needs to be accountable for the engaging UI/UX and therefore it is vital to know the different scales of development from wireframing to test and launch. Every teammate is worth in the development flow, therefore every buck to spend is worth. Android captures the biggest, market share, whereas iOS has a narrow range of customers with complete loyalty. Below is an elaborated discussion, which can help you how to hire an iPhone app developer for your business. Russell has 5+ years of experience in the mobile development industry. He is highly skilled in technologies like Swift, Android Java, and cross-platform frameworks .

How to start learning iOS app development

Both options are open and strictly depend upon the startup cost. It’s up to the company to decide which option, you must choose. An in-house team builds trust over the investors and creates a strong reputation hire an iphone app developer in the market. Viability is reached when the end-product is launched and users start taking interest in your product. The skills of an iOS app developer are widened by the responsibilities he needs to handle.

Iphone App Developer skills

However, with few criteria on the ground, we can decide on some specific costs of hiring. For a better understanding of proficiency, you can check projects. Previous projects say the whole story and skillset of the developer. When the developer works on different kinds of projects, he needs to research for integrating solutions for different demands.


It comes with an advanced certification when you complete a course. Encode is free to use with limited capabilities, but you can unlock everything through a subscription plan that costs $9.99 per month or $39.99 a year. Encode is a free app with ads and limited topics and challenges. If you want to unlock all mini-topics, extra challenges, and remove ads, you’ll have to pay a one-off fee of $4.99 for Encode Pro.

Iphone App Developer skills

We recommend that you use your own judgement and consult with your own consultant, lawyer, accountant, or other licensed professional for relevant business decisions. As a Python developer, you’ll find ways to store data in… Chances are either you couldn’t, or it took you a bit to think of one, because almost every app we interact with talks to the web in some way. For that reason, it’s crucial for you to understand how to send and receive data from the network. We’ve put together a few tips for hiring the best Apple iOS developer.

Top 22 iOS Developers Skills to Look for Before Hiring

With the Android operating system, developers have to integrate E-wallet or have to rely on third-party payment gateways. But with iOS users, Apple offers a secure Apple pay wallet through which they can easily go for the easy and hassle-free transactions. To increase the user experience and offer unique features, tech experts constantly introduce new features with the latest technologies.

What to check before hiring an iPhone app developer?

If you do not have a thorough understanding of Apple’s Xcode IDE, you cannot think of becoming a top-notch iOS app developer. The Xcode IDE is the actual reason that makes an iOS app work smoothly while offering an amazing user experience. Throughout the journey of conceptualizing an idea for the coding part of the app development process, app developers need to master the Xcode IDE. Apple is strict with its criteria to provide the best user experience for its customers. An iOS app development team comprises UI/UX designers, backend developers, QA engineers, iOS developers, and project managers.

The more apps you build, the more proficient you’ll become, and the sooner you’ll land your dream job. From programming languages to skills and next steps, learn how to be a successful in this rapidly growing field. We at Code Brew Labs have years of experience building robust customized mobile apps for android and iOS devices.

The main aim of using the Grand Central Dispatch is to provide the iOS app users with a smooth and seamless experience. In 2008 and ignited a new global app economy, developers around the world have earned over $260 billion on the App Store. Apple’s growing app economy is an opportunity for everyone, providing millions of jobs in technology across the globe. But before hiring it’s important to get to know the team and managers. Our team at IWD Technologies has extensive experience with iOS-related technologies, functionalities, integrations, and APIs. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are, whether you’re a small business, a start-up, or a corporate enterprise, it doesn’t matter.

An iOS app developer must have appropriate knowledge that an app might terminate in case it crosses the established per-process limit. So, successful memory management can be vital for implementing an iOS app. A good hands-on experience in source control helps the developers to collaborate with the team and streamline the development phase.